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Chris Eves

Good for you | Good for me | Good for the planet.

In my life journey from Cabinetmaker, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Building Manager, Personal Trainer to Business & Lifestyle Consultant, I have learnt, practiced and embodied the processes of building a life lived on purpose, with intention, and achieving things I never thought I could.

Now I look forward to using my skillset to help you build your vision, support you to live a life on purpose, and achieve things you never thought you could… so lets get started!

How May I Help You?

What exactly can I help you with?

I offer assistance to small businesses and start-ups with a “hands-on” approach. Meaning I am prepared to get my hands dirty in your business to determine the areas where I can assist with the most leverage.

I offer these services with a philosophy of “making the pie bigger” – not “taking a slice of the pie” – with a vision of collaboration over competition. I conduct business in a way that enhances conscious and ethical connection.

Good for you, good for me, good for the planet!!

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Process Improvement

  • Creating Structure and Order
  • Optimising Operational Systems (from customer enquiry to banking the money)
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Resolving problems/finding solutions

Technical Skills

  • Website Building (Multiple Platforms)
  • Shopify Sites
  • Web Hosting & Domain Names
  • Custom Email Addresses
  • Setting up Online Presence (social profiles, YouTube, Google locations)
  • Setting up Devices (PC’s, laptops, smartphones)

Marketing Skills

  • Writing and editing copy
  • Photography and drone footage
  • Content creation – video editing
  • Social Media tools setup
  • Email marketing setup and integration

Work With Me

What to Expect…

  • We start by having an informal chat (over coffee if you like…) in person, by phone, or video chat, so I can get an idea of what you need and if/how I can help. You can also ask any questions to ensure you’re comfortable that I am the right fit to make a start with
  • I provide you with a plan of what I can offer that will have the greatest effect with the least input (to begin with), including pricing and timeframes etc. 
  • If we both agree, we make a start and continue to review the results as we go forward
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