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Website Building - What to Expect

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The Process

Before starting, we will have a chat so I can get to know your needs and we’ll determine if in fact having a website built is your best next step. I’ll call on the numerous year’s experience I have in Businesses of all sizes, ask you some detailed questions and determine if there is anything maybe more appropriate or important for your Small Business before we add a website. There isn’t often, but sometimes your effort and finances can be better leveraged in another area of your business. 

We’ll also discuss if you need any extra features that are not included in a standard build. Some of these might be a membership feature, a directory feature, or a webstore. I will give you a quote for any additional work or programming that is needed to have these features so you can make a decision on what’s best for you. There is no cost or committment to take this step with me. Use the CONTACT page to get in touch and we can have a chat.

Step 1.
Once have we’ve decided that your website is your best next step, we have an in depth chat about what you want, layout’s, colours, styles, the purpose of your site in more detail, and anything else that arises along the way. I can even show you some templates or examples to get the creative juices flowing. This normally takes around an hour and I do these by video call so you don’t even need to get out of your PJ’s.

Then we need to use a domain name – if you already have one that’s great – if not, we discuss what you’d like to use and I can run a few searches to see what’s available. Ideally you want or to make a start. We can grab other variations later if you decide you want them, like .org or .net or even .sales if they suit. There are some technicalities to consider, like search engines don’t like hyphens, so we avoid those if we can. 

Then we set up a hosting account to store all the images, text and other stuff that will make up your website. If you have any professional images, logo’s, copy (magical working that describes your business) or anytything like that, you send them to me and I’ll upload all that to your hosting account so I can start building your site. Any YouTube or Vimeo videos you want to feature I’ll need the links to those too!!

This is all covered in your initial payment (even buying a domain if you don’t have one) which you can make in my STORE HERE.

Step 2.
I’ll take all the info we’ve generated together in and start the build. In most cases I can do this within a few days of completing Step 1. I’ll keep you updated along the way too and once complete, I’ll send you a link so you can have a look at your new baby!!

This is all covered in your second installment payment which you can make in my STORE HERE.

Step 3.
It’s now time for you to have a browse on your new website to test the function and checkout the images/colours/fonts etc and make sure they are all what you dreamed they’d be. I always recommend taking a few days to a week and view it a few times, and even have some friends or existing clients visit the site and get some feedback. Included in your build are 2 rounds of changes, and I’ll guide you through the best way to send me the information to make any changes you want. 

Once you’ve submitted your first round of changes I jump on those pronto, and we repeat the process to make sure we refine the site to be exactly what you want.

This is all covered in your third installment payment which you can make in my STORE HERE.

Step 4.
Now that it’s all complete and exactly how you want it, I make it live on your chosen domain, install all the security needs, make sure all the background software stuff is up to date and iron out any background bugs (there normally aren’t any, but I always check). 

Once it’s all up and live on your domain and you’re happy with everything, you can make the final installment payment which you can access in my STORE HERE.

Part of the Hosting Plan I provide you with (this is a yearly cost with the first year included in the price) is that I keep everything up-to-date. Any security, software, and plugin, updates etc. Software developers often update their software, and just like you need to update your mobile phone from time-to-time, I make sure your website stays up-to-date and compliant with any security and software changes. I also make regular backups of your website and store them on Dropbox – I can even use your Dropbox account if you like.

Once it’s all built, you retain ownership of the site, so if you ever decide to have some super-expensive and high tech specialist coding features added, you can engage someone else (I’ll probably know someone) to do this for you, or you can take it and host it on a new provider or anything you wish. If I’m honest, I try to ensure that the service I provide is so good that you won’t want to do this anyway – but the bottom line is that YOU OWN IT! – most website builders won’t offer you this peace of mind 😉 

What’s next?
As your business grows you’ll likely find there are some tweaks and changes youd like to make. There are a few ways of doing this:
 – I can do these for you on my hourly rate
 – if you’re a current coaching client we can discuss and include any changes into your existing package so there’s no extra cost
 – or I can even make you a user on the webite in the WordPress backend and provide a little training so you can confidently do things like change images or add blogs or events etc.

Whether you’re making the changes yourself or not, I’ll always ensure all the software and security programs are up to date as part of your yearly hosting plan with me, and I’ll be happy to help if you get out of your depth with anything!

If you’re ready to make a start, Use the CONTACT page to get in touch and we can have a chat.

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