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  • We start by having an informal chat (over coffee if you like…) in person, by phone, or video chat, so I can get an idea of what you need and if/how I can help. You can also ask any questions to ensure you’re comfortable that I am the right fit to make a start with.
  • I provide you with a plan of what I can offer that I believe will have the greatest effect with the least input (to begin with), including pricing and timeframes etc.  This might be a fixed quote (i.e. build a website) or an hourly fee with an estimate of hours (i.e. working on or in your business with you on specific tasks for a desired result).
  • If we both agree that working together will be mutually beneficial, we make a start and continue to review the results as we go forward, to ensure what I offer is working for you.
  • The goal is not always necessarily business growth or profit (although that nearly always is a side-effect), but to develop a business that enhances your lifestyle and becomes the way you contribute to the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve read a little more about me, you’ll know that I live in a bus and travel wherever life takes me. I have family in Perth, grown-up kids in/near Adelaide, and one on the East Coast, so I’m frequently in any of those places, however we are working our way around the country.

Typically I work with you via skype/zoom/phone etc and I always make a point of catching up for some 1:1 contact time whenever I’m where you are! Especially if there’s a coffee shop nearby.

My credentials are more built on my vast experience and skills. However my qualifications are

  • Cert IV in Trade Studies (Cabinetmaking)
  • Cert III & IV in Fitness (Personal Training)
  • Licensed Building Supervisor WA, SA, QLD (expired)

WOW – if I put them all it would be a long list… but here’s a snapshot to illustrate the variety

  • working with my hands to create stuff
  • computer savvy
  • understanding others
  • knowing how to build and offer GREAT customer service
  • figuring out solutions to all types of problems, mechanical, IT, systems etc
  • seeing strengths in others that they might not see themselves
  • website building and all related things
  • actual building (like buildings) and all related things
  • drone photography/videography
  • fast learner – very…
  • supporting others to build their vision

Ultimately I care more about ensuring I’m giving you VALUE, moreso than what I charge, and rates are often customised.

I do have some set standard rates that are:

  • tailored package $500/month
  • hourly hire $200/hr
  • discounted hourly hire for package participants $150/hr

Typically it includes any/all of the services/skills I can offer that are relevant to building your vision, and these are offered in a workshop/coaching format (only if that’s what suits best) in regular time blocks that work best for you, either monthly/fortnighly/weekly. As the packages are tailored to you, there is always flexibility in how your package will look.

There is a discounted hourly rate for any tasks I can help you with that are in addition to your package.

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