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The Process

Having been through the rigours of owning a Small Business, I know there’s a fine balance between doing everything yourself, and investing in hiring an expert so you can focus on what lights you up about your business. Overcoming this step can be the single-most biggest-est step between going from “self-employed” (owning your job), to building a Small Business that empowers your lifestyle.

And if you’ve ever had somone lean over and pay for your groceries while you’re madly trying to transfer money, or jump-start your car cos you left your lights on, and had nothing to offer in return – so the kind samaritain simply said “just pay it forward” (I’ve been in both places) you’ll understand why I wanted to create an opportunity for those who feel inspired to give a leg-up to a Small Business or Not-For-Profit Organisation who needs it!

If you’d like to be the recipient of a Pay-It-Forward Service, you can Apply Below

I will also match every contribution dollar-for-dollar, so for example, when the contribution value reaches $100, I will provide a keen recipient with a Discovery Session (Valued at $200). So for every dollar of contribution, I will provide services to double the value!

Contributions can be made in increments of $10.00, and if you’d like to make a more significant contribution, (e.g. $200), you can select an amount of $100, and change the item qty to 2.

E.F.T. Is my preffered payment method, however you can also pay via credit card if that’s easier for you. I will also provide you with a “Donation Tax Invoice” which may be eligible for a tax deduction (see your own accountant for advice on this)

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